The Danbury Coin club holds meetings at 7:30pm (attendees can arrive as early as 6:30 for socializing and auction preview) on the fourth Tuesday of every month (except December) at the:
Bethel Municipal Center
1 School Street
Bethel, CT 06801.
We hold an auction at every meeting, anyone is welcome to bid on items. The monthly newsletter and auction list will be published on the blog at least one week before the monthly meetings.




    • Leslie, The coin club meeting would not be the best place to get an appraisal. There is a coin store, Brookfield Coin & Card, in Brookfield, CT http://www.brookfieldcoincard.com they would probably be the best place in the area to go for an appraisal and for selling your collection. I would recommend going to two or three different places for an appraisal and selling the coins to whoever gives the highest appraisal. You could bring the coins to a meeting if you like, the meetings are the 4th Tuesday of every month and start at 8:00, if you would like someone to go through your coins at the meeting you should plan to get there at about 7:00pm to have time to go through the coins before the business meeting begins.

  1. Hi

    I have been a collector for 40 years but have never been to a coin club meeting
    can you tell me what you do there that might pique my interest in joining
    I know you hold the Danbury coin show a few times a year
    what else happens at your meetings
    thank you

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