Newsletter April 22, 2014 Meeting

April 22, 2014           Our 57th year

Dear DCC members, families, and friends,
Our next meeting will be April 22, 2014  at the Bethel Municipal Center – 1 School St. Bethel, CT 06801. The following meeting will be May 27, 2014. The deadline for putting items in the May auction is Tuesday, May 15, 2014 Items received later will be bumped to the following month. Email auction list to:  or fax to 203-740-2892, please limit submissions to 35 items per month. If submitting via mail or fax, see Tara at the meeting to receive submission forms.

New 2015 Red Books will be available at the April 22 meeting!

Secretary report:
The March 25th meeting was called to order at 8:01pm, Gold was 1309/ozt  and Silver was 19.93/ozt. We had 26 people in attendance, including 3 new guests! Sal collects gold coins, he used to be a member and is joining us again, welcome back Sal! Angelo, likes to collect silver coins, and Bernerd collects, Lincolns, buffalos, mercury dimes, and proof coins. Joyce won the raffle for a 1959 quarter, and Sal won the raffle for a 2001 Quarter proof set.

Accepted: Chuck               Seconded:  Dan                 Result: Pass (voice vote)

Treasurer’s Report of transactions 2/25-3/25
Tara, Postage: $ 0              Abe – Soda & donuts:  $ 0
Dues collected: $ 90
Raffle: $ 27

                Auction-   Brought in: $720.00          Total for the club: $ 7.00
For the Good of The Club: 0
Petty Cash: 791.02

                Payments: $800.00 Ethan Allen

                Deposits made: 0
Bank Balance: $ 5731.20


Accepted: Abe   Seconded: Chuck              Result: Pass (voice vote)

Old Business:

Spring Coin Show is March 30, 2014. The Fall Coin Show will be September 14, 2014 (passed voice vote). We will look into potential new locations to hold our Christmas Brunch this year. Tara has set up a website for the club The newsletters and Auction lists will be posted there, As well as interesting coin related articles. If any members would like to write a post for the website email them to Tara, or if you have ideas for a post, but would rather have Tara write it, email her your ideas.

New Business:

Tara will take over bringing soda and donuts. We should start thinking about a summer cookout, as suggested by Frank.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:45pm    Accepted  Roger   Seconded: Harry  Result: Pass (voice vote)


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