July 22, 2014 Meeting

July 22, 2014                                                   Our 57th year                                       Dues: $10.00/year in September

Dear DCC members, families, and friends,
                Our next meeting will be July 22, 2014  at the Bethel Municipal Center – 1 School St. Bethel, CT 06801. The following meeting will be August 26, 2014.  Please visit our website www.danburycoinclub.org
The deadline for putting items in the August  auction is Tuesday, August 5, 2014 I will be away for most of august so I need items earlier than usual. Items received later will be bumped to the following month. Email auction list to: tarabowman@brookfieldcoincard.com  or fax to 203-740-2892, please limit submissions to 35 items per person per month. If submitting via mail or fax, see Tara at the meeting to receive submission forms.

Secretary report:
The June 24th meeting was called to order at 8:03pm, Gold was 1317.60/ozt and Silver was 20.88/ozt. We had 13 people in attendance.

Accepted: Mike                  Seconded:  Scott                   Result: Pass (voice vote)


Treasurer’s Report of transactions – Treasurer was absent. No report


Old Business:

The Fall Coin Show will be September 14. With the Redding Road House being out of business, we have to look into potential new locations to hold our Christmas Brunch this year. Tara is looking into the Ethan Allen for Brunch on 12/7.

No dates available at Bennett park. Frank has put us on a waiting list, if we do not get a date this year we will schedule ahead of time for next year.

New Business:

Tara will send a fruit basket and a get well soon card to Ron, who just had knee surgery and could not be at the meeting. Tara is working on dates for out 2 spring shows in 2015.


Show and Tell:


Meeting Adjourned: 8:35pm    Accepted Tara   Seconded: Scott       Result: Pass (voice vote)





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