Danbury Coin Show September 14, 2014



August 26, 2014 Meeting

August 26, 2014                               Our 57th year Dues:                                   $10.00/year in September

Dear DCC members, families, and friends,
Our next meeting will be August 26, 2014 at the Bethel Municipal Center – 1 School St. Bethel, CT 06801. The following meeting will be September23. Please visit our website http://www.danburycoinclub.org
The deadline for putting items in the September auction is Tuesday, September 9, 2014. Items received later will be bumped to the following month. Email auction list to: tarabowman@brookfieldcoincard.com or fax to 203-740-2892, please limit submissions to 35 items per person per month. If submitting via mail or fax, see Tara at the meeting to receive submission forms.

Secretary report:
The July 22, 2014 meeting was called to order at 8:03pm. Gold was at 1306 and silver was 20.91
Accepted: Scott Seconded: Dan Result: Pass (voice vote)

Treasurer’s Report of transactions –
Postage: 9.31 Soda & donuts: May:25.29 June:26.78 July:15.98
$100 paid for PO BOX
Petty Cash: 877.26 Bank Balance:8270.67

Accepted:Jim Seconded:Scott Result: Pass (voice Vote)

Old Business:
The Fall Coin Show will be September 14. With the Redding Road House being out of business, we have booked The Ethan Allen for Brunch on 12/7.
Dates for Spring 2015 Coin shows: March 8, 2015 & May 17, 2015 were voted on and passed 7/22/14.
We will plan ahead for a Summer party for 2015.

New Business:
The US Mint has new 2014 50th anniversary Kennedy sets coming out this year. Get them while they’re hot!

Show & Tell:
Tom: large size currency. Chuck: 2014 – 2,000 Frank Republic of Congo Proof silver coinwith DNA of a tiger!
Good of the Club donations:
Mike: donated some tubes and other coin supplies for free to anyone who wants them. THANKS 
Special auction items were donated by Jim, Howard, Abe, and Phil. THANK YOU! 


Meeting Adjourned: 9:07pm              Accepted Frank             Seconded: Roger               Result: Pass (voice vote)