May 24, 2016

Called to order at 8:22pm. 20 in attendance today
2017 Red Books for Sale -See Phil after the meeting.
Secretary report:
Gold 1243.60
Silver 17.15
Upcoming coin shows: October 30 and December 11
Accepted: Chuck
Second: Roger

Raffle: 20 Auction: 8
Good of the club: 47.75
9.80 postage feb.
9.80 postage march
1.00 Mailing -Ron
19.98 donuts soda
Checking balance XXXX
Petty cash: $XXXX
Show recap:
Room 1300
Coin: profit 313
Coffee 54.21
Coin world 105
Newtown bee 215
Southbury 122.22
Net profit: $1,031.57
Accepted: Chuck
Second: Roger
Ann’s Place Donation: 500 thank you letter


Sunshine Committee:

Roger Nault had a death in his family. The club would like to donate to the Yale Thoracic Surgery department in honor of Roger’s son-in-law. Roger we are very sorry for your loss.
Bernard makes a motion to donate to the Yale Thoracic Surgery department, in the amount of $250 motion made by Bernard. Second by AJ. Passed Voice vote.
Individuals wishing to donate as well can speak with Ron.
Make Checks payable to Smilow Cancer Hospital
Memo: Daniel Boffa Research

Old Business:

October30th Coin Show & December 11 Coin Show
Summer party. Howard suggesting a park in Ridgefield, CT Seth Low Pierrepont State Park Reserve @ 50 Barlow Mountain Road Ridgefield, CT 06877

Will be voting on a summer party at the May meeting!

New Business:
Show and Tell: Susan B Anthony set (in the auction today, lot number 111)
Suggestions for the Good of the Club:

Todays Raffle:

1964 Washington quarter. Winner: Phil
1981 proof set. Winner: Bill

Auction for the good of the club: 100%
1ozt Brittiana Silver 2016 $20.00 -Phil Jones

Motion to adjourn at 9:13pm Accepted: Chuck Second: Roger

Auction List: 5.24.16_Auction_LIST


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