April 2015Newsletter

April, 2015                  Our 58th year 

Dues: $10.00/year in September

Dear DCC members, families, and friends,
Hello everyone! Our Last meeting was held on March 24, 2015. Our next meeting will be April,28 2015 at the Bethel Municipal Center – 1 School St. Bethel, CT 06801. The following meeting will be May 26, 2015. Our Next coin show will be May 17, 2015 It was a great Show! Visit our website www.danburycoinclub.org
The deadline for putting items in the May auction is Tuesday May 12, Items received later will be bumped to the following month. Email auction list to: tarabowman@brookfieldcoincard.com  or fax to 203-740-2892, please limit submissions to 35 items per person per month. If submitting via mail or fax, see Tara at the meeting to receive submission forms.

Minutes from our meeting on: 3/24/2015:

We had 23 members in attendance.

Gold Closed at $1193.00/ Ounce,

Silver Closed at $17.04/ounce

Some updates for the show:

We received $2405 for 41 Tables, we paid $1300 for the room leaving $905 net

We paid $130 for the 1/10 ounce Gold Coin and took in $405 giving $275 net

We paid $221.54 for advertising so far which yields $958.46 in profit so far.

There are Coin World and other ads which still remain to be paid.

For the May Show a Deposit of $250 was paid

Expenses(Last Month): $25.40 for Post office box, $30.40 for Doughnuts and $22.00 for Stamps.

The Club took in  $27.00 for the raffle, $8.60 in Auction fees and $58.50 for the good of the Club(Donations)

The Club has the following money assets; $703.31 in Petty Cash and $9,374.91 in the bank

A motion was made to make a donation to Dorothy Day and Green Chimneys Charitable organizations.  Motion by Howard and Seconded by A.J. to give $500 to each organization.

Show and tell:

Tom Brought in an 1829 ½ Dime, and an 1821 quarter and 1845-O (Dollar?)

Raffle item(s) were a 1952-S Quarter, won by Jim  and a 1972 Proof set won by Ricardo

The Meeting adjourned at 9:19PM




Coin Dealer Killed in Louisiana

Harry Collins, owner, of the Gold and Silver Shop in Monroe, Louisiana was shot and killed Thursday during an armed robbery.Monroe police confirmed he was shot in the torso.Police have limited information about the suspects, who are three black males.

The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information should contact:

Monroe Police



Doug Davis